Naeem Impex – Corporate Social Responsibility

Not only do we deliver, but we also demonstrate our social responsibility for our fellow countrymen and women. We have been affiliated with USAID for more than 4 years now for their “Small and Medium Enterprise” Schemes that help us to gain technical skills through workshops and training given by USAID in collaboration with the beneficiaries. As the Star beneficiary of USAID’s great schemes, we have been given various types of machinery for training of business owners and even other craftsmen.

Towards Employees

Our expert staffs that have been in the industrial world for a while to impart greater knowledge in these people mostly conduct these training. We try to empower our people through our resources so that they may increase in their production & reduce unemployment, so that each person may contribute to our economy.

• By providing a competitive and challenging work environment to the employees
• Ensuring a safe working environment for the employees
• Having fair policies for the solution of employee disputes

Towards Customers

• By providing quality products to the customers at reasonable prices
• By undertaking constant research and development and coming up with innovative and more useful products from time to time

Towards Environment

• Ensuring the purchase of environment-friendly supplies
• Having an efficient system for the disposal of waste
• Making the product and the process of production as environment-friendly as possible
• Adopting eco-friendly packaging